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An Artist's Gude to Generative AI

Embark on a transformative journey with "An Artist's Guide to Generative AI," a comprehensive exploration of the powerful tools and techniques behind Stable Diffusion. Delving into the intricate art of crafting effective prompts, this guide offers invaluable insights into unleashing your creativity through tailored results. From demystifying the nuances of Invoke to mastering image manipulation and inpainting, this book empowers artists of all levels to harness the full potential of Stable Diffusion. Whether you're a novice seeking to dive into the world of generative AI or a seasoned artist looking to unlock new artistic possibilities, this guide is your ultimate companion on the path to mastery.

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My Story

Introducing Michael Young, a seasoned artist and educator with over three decades of experience in digital artistry. His journey began with a passion for art early on, later expanding to a love for games and technology. He pursued studies in electronics and robotics at ITT Technical Institute, followed by further education at The DAVE School. Proficient in software such as Zbrush, Maya, and Blender, Michael has contributed to various projects including Lord of the Rings Online MMO, game commercials, and feature films like Cassadaga and TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms). As the founder of Subculturez Studios and with teaching roles at The DAVE School, he has championed digital art education. Michael's expertise also extends to software and 3D tools development, even developing classroom use tools showcasing his commitment to advancing the field. Now retired, he continues to share his passion for digital art as a mentor and advisor, inspiring the next generation of artists.


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